-Associate Consultant / Coach

    -BBA (Hons), MSM, MA-IDT, MSc (RE), PMP, CSM, MBCI, CTF

    Sean has more than 33 years of working experiences.  He has held leadership positions and possesses deep knowledge in strategy, operations, logistics, security, people management, project management, learning science, opportunities creation and change management.  He has proven track record of delivering results, creative problem solving and managing high performing teams in dynamic, complex, ethically-challenging and multi-cultural environments.

    Sean subscribes strongly to the idea that problems are complex and contextualised, therefore harnessing and unlocking the potential within the people through dialogic exploration works better in solving the issues at hand.  Sean understands that change cannot take place by doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, he is therefore energetic and enthusiastic of fresh perspectives and new ideas.  He also takes the stance that capability development should be built progressively and continually improved through adaptive learning, agile models and eclectic frameworks that are best suited for the organisation and the people.

    A fundamental principle Sean holds is that our innate ability to learn is amazingly powerful. Harnessing this power of learning is key to our success in life and at workplace for all contexts and circumstances. He therefore champions the concept of: Transformation through Learning for Success

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